Marslands Deadlines

Every year I let my clients know well in advance what my deadline is for receiving their books so I can guarantee getting their tax return in on time. This year I have decided to have 2! This should help my workflow through the winter months flow better. 30/9/16 for accounts and tax returns 31/10/16…


Happy New Tax Year

This week the new tax year started. Before finishing last tax year we did final dividend planning with clients to ensure they made the most of their allowances before the new 7.5% dividend tax came in. Also the new £5,000 dividend allowance came in and from now on all interest on your bank accounts will…


Personal Savings Allowance

Good news for many savers – Starting from 6 April 2016 the Personal Savings Allowance grants every basic-rate taxpayer £1,000 of savings income free from tax, with higher-rate taxpayers receiving a £500 allowance. Additional-rate taxpayers on the top 45% rate however won’t receive an allowance at all. Meanwhile, if your taxable income is less than…


Celebrating 10 Years in Business

In January, Michele Marsland, owner of Marslands Accountants Ltd in Plympton celebrated 10 years in business. Marslands Accountants Ltd started off from a desk in Michele’s front room in 2006. Two years ago she purchased premises in Branson Court, Plympton to help with her expansion plans.   Last year Marslands expanded further with the addition…