Who needs an accountant?

27/3/15 Its very common for me to hear “I am too small to need an accountant”. If you are in business a good reason to have an accountant in place is if you are thinking of getting a mortgage as some lenders will insist on an accountants certificate before giving you the money.


Well what a busy week. Talked to over 50 people at the Intrinity event yesterday about the HMRC amnesty and let property campaign. It amazes me that a lot of people do not know about it. Remember rental income needs declaring for tax even if you are employed!!

Property amnesty

Have you been caught by HMRC yet? There are 40,000 letters HMRC have sent out to landlords who have not previously declared their property income. So far I have heard of 3 in Plymouth. I think this is significant and if you think they won’t catch you, I think its more a case of when…


Good news

22/8/14 Well this week was the week for good news. I had the pleasure of telling a new client, who was not up to date with their books, (not recommended) that the last 2 years tax bill is considerably lower than they thought. What a relief for them! Also it was GCSE results day this…