Welcome to Marslands. We have been established for 13 years and the owner, Michele Marsland, is passionate about helping you and your business through the complexities of accounting and taxation. Choosing the right accountant is one of the most important business decisions you will make. That is why I, Michele Marsland, strive to save my clients more tax than the fee they pay me!

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Do you :

tickneed to submit your tax return on time?

tick need better financial information?

tick think you’re paying too much tax?

tick want to be more profitable?

tick want to grow your business?

tickwant to use Xero [Cloud Accounting]

Expert Advice

Evening appointments available
Fixed Fees payable by standing order
Tax enquiry expert
Time and care to make sure I get it right.

Property tax enquiry expert

Property Rentals Expert

I specialise in helping property owners with their rental accounts and tax returns. For my clients I can also advise on capital gains tax.

One of the worst feelings is opening one of those brown envelopes from HMRC saying you or your business is under tax enquiry. Having someone like me by your side all the way helps you sleep at night and will not cost you a fortune. My experience shows that most people who have come to me for help with a property tax enquiry have paid me a lot less than the tax they thought they had to pay.

In the past I have dealt with clients with up to 10 years undeclared tax returns for properties so I have a lot of experience in this field if you want to take advantage of the current HMRC amnesty

Fees Guideline

  • Standalone Self Assessment Tax return from £200
  • Property Rental from £350
  • Sole Trader from £600
  • Limited Company from £1,200

The above are a guideline to my minimum fees and are only to be used as a guide not a quote

Marslands will donate £25.00 to SSAFA or ST Luke’s for all new clients who sign with us.
Both these Charities are based locally which is what Marslands is about.
In the past 3 years we have raised £2090.
  • I have been very pleasantly surprised! I thought the tax was going to be so much more! Money well spent!
    cloud 2
  • I love the fact that we are on xero. It helped us recognise an overspend on advertising and so we have cut right back. It has saved us time and money as well as being able to see our figures more clearly.
    Milo 1
  • Tax had always been a mysterious beast. Meetings with our accountant brought us more questions than answers and being a digital company dealing with multiple currencies, tying off the year with wads of paper seemed unorganised and counterintuitive. Since joining arms with Marslands Accountants our accounts are entirely digital and transparent. Our questions have been answered and for the first time in years, we feel confident that things are being taken care of. We'd like to send a huge thanks to the lovely team and look forward to many years of business together.  
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    3. Would you recommend our service to a friend or colleague? (Yes!)
    Milo 2
    Tom and Abbie
  • I've been a client of Marslands Accountants since starting my business 5 years ago. I have been very impressed with the service and support I have received, especially as a newcomer to the world of business. Michele and the team seem to understand my business well and they are always very willing to help with any questions or advice needed. A pleasure to work with and highly recommended.
    Jackie Gale
    Jackie Gale, Textile Artist
  • After four years of being in business it is nice to actually see some figures. I feel so much more in control of my own business! My old accountant never showed me anything!
    Plympton Business
  • After seeing the xero demo, instead of dreading doing my accounts I am now looking forward to it, what a relief!  
    Loving doing my accounts
  • When Michele mentioned Cloud accounting I had no idea what it meant to my business. Now I am using it I am so excited about doing my accounts that I can't thank Michele enough for introducing me to Xero.
    Cloud accounting
  • I absolutely LOVE Xero. And thank you so much for putting me onto growth accelerator, its changed my business so much!
    All over the world Xero user
  • Thank you so much for helping me 🙂  I’m really pleased to have found not only a highly recommended, switched on accountant, but a lovely one too!
    Tiffany, Ivybridge
  • Marslands Accountants have provided us with a dynamic range of services which have assisted our expansion from a virtual office to a production facility in Manchester where we now employ 3 people in less than 4 years. Services we have benefited from include Flat Rate VAT scheme, R&D Tax Credits, Home Allowance and Small Business Rates Relief. The nature of our business requires a lot of travelling and we have recently adopted the use of Xero cloud accounting services whereby we can be anywhere in the world and prepare all accounts remotely, this has shown significant savings in our book keeping costs but more importantly we have a clear visual understanding of all money coming in and going out. Combined with encouraging us to do our own Payroll services we never have any surprise tax bills.
    Russell, Plymouth and Manchester, Award winning ECO business
  • Thanks Michele. I am so glad I found you!
    J of Plympton
  • Changing to Michele as our accountant is the best thing we ever did 10 years ago!
    Tim, Plymstock